Terms and Conditions


  1       Conclusion of contract 

The contract between the client and Rent a Classic is concluded in the following cases:

  • With the unconditional acceptance of the membership by Rent a Classic. Registration and confirmation of registration are made online via the Internet at www.rentaclassic.swiss. Receipt of the registration confirmation indicates to the client that his or her registration has been received by Rent a Classic, has been accepted by Rent a Classic and that the contract has thus come into effect.
  • Upon receipt of the reservation confirmation in the event that the client does not wish to apply for membership.

 Rent a Classic reserves the right to withdraw from the contract for important reasons. 

2       Membership/Rental credit

2.1      Membership fee

Membership of Rent a Classic costs an annual fee, depending on the model chosen. This includes the membership fee and, depending on the model, a rental credit. Memberships are non-refundable.The membership year starts on the date the membership is paid for and is valid for 12 months. It is not automatically renewed. 

If the rental credit is not completely used up by the end of the rental year, it is forfeited, except in the case of Green Diamond membership, where 50% is carried over to the next membership year, if the customer renews the membership. 

Vehicles can also be rented without membership, in which case the respective prices and regulations for a rental without membership apply. 

3       Termination of membership 

Membership expires automatically after 1 year, but the login remains valid.

Any rental credit will be forfeited, except in the case of Green Diamond membership, where 50% is carried over to the next membership year, if the customer renews the membership. 

 Rent a Classic GmbH reserves the right to terminate membership immediately in the event of gross breaches of the rules. In this case, the membership fee and the remaining credit balance will be refunded pro rata, calculated from the following month minus a processing fee of CHF 300.- 

4       Reservation

4.1      Members 

  • The member must reserve the desired vehicle via the Rent a Classic reservation system (www.rentaclassic.swiss) before commencing the journey.
  • The cost of the desired rental period and options will be charged to the credit card. If the balance is insufficient, the reservation cannot be confirmed.

4.2      Non-members 

  • Reservations are made through the Rent a Classic reservation system.
  • The cost of the desired rental period and options will be charged to the credit card and . If the balance is insufficient, the reservation cannot be confirmed.

4.3      Cancellation/reduction of the rental period or cancellation of options

  • In the event of cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the rental period (of max. two vehicles per customer), the customer will receive a voucher for 100% of the rental price. If the customer wishes a refund to a bank account instead, a handling fee of CHF 50.- will be charged.
  • If the cancellation is made less than 14 days before the start of the rental, 50% of the booked rental costs (and options) will be charged.
  • Individual options booked but not used are non-refundable (e.g. additional driver, personal introduction etc.)
  • If the journey is not commenced without cancellation, the full rental costs will be charged.
  • Green Diamond customers may cancel a rental free of charge 2 times per year until the scheduled start of the rental.
  • Cancellations must be made by e-mail to info@rentaclassic.swiss and will be confirmed within 48 hours. A shortening of the rental period will be treated as a cancellation.
  • For group bookings (more than 2 vehicles at the same date), the cancellation conditions are to be agreed individually, please contact us.
  • Any travel insurance is the responsibility of the hirer (e.g. if he wishes to insure the cancellation costs in the event of illness, accident, pandemic, etc.).

4.4      Rent longer than 3 days

  • If the rental period exceeds 3 days, Rent a Classic may stipulate that the vehicle must be presented to the workshop in Kemptthal at intervals. Rent a Classic will determine the intervals individually, depending on the vehicle.

5       Vehicle pick-up

5.1      General 

  • The renter takes over the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and in an operationally safe, clean condition.
  • The hirer is responsible for the vehicle from the time of pick-up until the time of return. Vehicles must be returned to their original location. Unless otherwise instructed by Rent a Classic, vehicles may not be left behind or returned to a location other than the original location (e.g. in the event of breakdowns, construction sites, etc.).
  • One-way trips can be booked as an option.
  • The vehicle can be collected at any time of the day (also by customers without membership), provided that the hirer is confident in operating the vehicle independently. The corresponding key code is noted in the reservation confirmation. The vehicle can be collected from 16:00 the day before the reservation.
  • Visible defects (e.g. damage to the paintwork) must be reported by photo and e-mail to schaden@rentaclassic.swiss before the start of the journey. 

6       Vehicle return

6.1      General 

  • The vehicle must be returned at the time stated in the reservation confirmation in proper condition and with a full tank of fuel.
  • Any refuelling by Rent a Classic will be charged at a flat rate of CHF 50 plus fuel. (Does not apply to memberships which benefit from a refuelling service).
  • Personal belongings and waste must be removed from the vehicle. A fee of CHF 50 for packaging, postage and handling will be charged for the forwarding of items that have been left behind.
  • The hirer must also compensate for any damage in the event of delay. 

6.2      Members and non-members 

  • The vehicle can be returned at any time of the day. The use and risk of the vehicle shall be returned to the lessor at the next regular business hour.
  • The vehicle must be properly locked, the roof of convertibles must be closed and the key must be deposited in the key box with the code noted in the reservation confirmation.
  • Any new damage must be reported by e-mail to schaden@rentaclassic.swiss. Subsequent costs arising from unreported damage will be charged to the last tenant.


6.3      Extension of the rental period 

  • An extension of the rental period is only possible with the written consent of Rent a Classic before the end of the current rental relationship. 
  • Rent a Classic may refuse the extension without giving reasons.
  • At the request of Rent a Classic, the hirer must present the vehicle at the rental station - this applies to long-term rentals of more than one month.
  • If an extension of the tenancy is agreed, all conditions of the original tenancy shall continue to apply unchanged, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

7       Minimum age/driving licence 

  • The minimum age for renting and driving a Rent a Classic vehicle is 18 years. Drivers under 25 years of age must also book the options "insurance supplement" and the "personal introduction", which can only take place during business hours.
  • For the rental, a valid driver's licence cat. B from Switzerland, Lichtenstein or EU countries
  • Rent a Classic must be informed immediately of any withdrawal of driving licence. There is no entitlement to extraordinary cancellation of the membership. The vehicle may only be driven by the renter. Other drivers can be named at the time of booking for a fee and by submitting a driving licence. In principle, the vehicle may only be driven by the hirer himself/herself. Additional drivers can be named at the time of reservation for an appropriate fee. 

8          Insurance cover/deductible 

All vehicles are insured against third party liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The excess is CHF 2'000.- For an appropriate fee, the excess can be set at 0. Damage caused wilfully or negligently or through improper use is not covered and will be charged to the customer.  If the "Reduction excess" option is not selected, the excess is owed in the event of a claim. To be noted when renting multiple vehicles at the same time: family members living in the same household do not have insurance coverage in case of an accident/damage when driving directly behind each other.

9          Rental price 

The rental price is calculated per rental day. Vouchers are not cumulative. Paid (monetary) vouchers can be extended as desired. Vouchers from promotions, raffles etc. expire on the date printed on them. The cash payment or refund of vouchers is excluded.

In the event of late return, an additional rental day will be charged for every 24 hours or part thereof. Subsequent costs due to loss of subsequent rentals will be charged to the late renter.

Members benefit from a reduced rental price. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. Vehicles already booked are not affected by any price changes. 

The statutory VAT (7.7% until 31.12.2023 and 8.1% from 01.01.2024) is included in the rental price and will be shown on the booking confirmation/invoice.

10     Replacement vehicle 

If the reserved vehicle is not available to a customer for proper use at the start of the journey (e.g. due to late return of the vehicle, breakdown, accident, etc.), the rental price will be refunded. If desired, another vehicle can also be made available, subject to possibility and availability. If the customer opts for a vehicle of a lower category, the rental price will be reduced accordingly.

 No further claims can be made.

11     Method of payment 

Our vehicles are booked by credit card.

12     Maintenance/Repairs 

The renter must use the rental vehicle with care and regularly check the oil and water levels and tyre pressure when driving more than 500 kilometres and top them up if necessary. The customer will be charged in full for any damage caused by failure to observe this rule.  He/she must observe all traffic regulations and carefully inform himself/herself about the traffic regulations of the countries he/she is travelling through with the vehicle. The hirer must immediately notify Rent a Classic of any defects that he/she is unable to rectify himself/herself and follow the instructions regarding the rectification of defects. For expenses in connection with defects (such as engine oil, spare parts, repair costs), a cost approval from Rent a Classic is required in advance. Expenses incurred within the scope of a cost approval will be reimbursed to the hirer on return of the rental object on presentation of the relevant receipts. Repairs carried out by the hirer are only permitted in consultation with Rent-a-Classic. 

12.1     Duty of care 

The hirer undertakes to take care of the vehicle. In particular, the specific vehicle descriptions must be observed and complied with.

It is forbidden to drive into automatic car washes with any vehicle. This can lead to damage to the system and the vehicle, for which the hirer is fully responsible. 

Flower decorations may only be attached if they have been ordered via Rent a Classic. The place of attachment (bonnet, radiator grille, etc.) must be carefully cleaned. Any damage to the paintwork caused by dust, dirt etc. will be charged to the client in full. The attachment of self-procured floral decorations or other decorations is prohibited. 

12.2     Behaviour in case of breakdown, accident and special events 

In the case of events such as accidents, theft (burglary/theft by embezzlement etc.), loss, fire, damage caused by game or other damage, the Hirer must immediately inform the police and have a police report drawn up. This also applies to self-inflicted accidents without the involvement of third parties. Opposing claims may not be recognised. In the event of theft, loss or misappropriation of the vehicle, Rent a Classic must always be contacted immediately in addition to the police. In the event of any of the aforementioned incidents, even in the case of minor damage, the hirer must immediately draw up a detailed written report, including a sketch. In the event of an accident, the report must contain in particular the names and addresses of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. For this purpose, the European accident report form, which can be found in every vehicle folder, is to be used. In the event of theft, the vehicle keys, a report on the circumstances of the theft and the police report must be submitted to Rent a Classic within 24 hours. The renter must grant Rent a Classic complete access to the files.

 If the oil level indicator light, water temperature indicator light or other warning lights are illuminated, the vehicle must be stopped immediately and Rent a Classic contacted for further instructions. The vehicle may no longer be driven. 

13     Prohibited Uses/Entry Restrictions / Exit Restrictions

13.1     The renter is prohibited from using the vehicle 

  • for participation in motor sport events (unless permission has been granted by Rent a Classic), vehicle tests and learning drives. Participation in "regularity tours" is permitted, provided that the "rally option" is also booked. Please contact us if you have any questions about insurance coverage. 
  • for the transport of goods or persons against payment.
  • to pull, tow or otherwise move another vehicle.
  • in an overloaded condition, i.e. with a number of persons or a payload exceeding the values stated in the vehicle registration document.
  • for the carriage of flammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous substances.
  • for the commission of customs offences and other criminal offences, even if these are only punishable under the law of the place where the offence is committed.
  • for subletting.
  • for skidding courses, driving courses, etc. Excluded are courses explicitly offered by Rent a Classic.
  •  The vehicle user undertakes to notify the lessor of a medical driving ban, a driver's licence withdrawal or any other circumstance that does not permit the lawful driving of vehicles.  If a circumstance arises that no longer allows the renter to drive legally, the vehicle must be parked immediately or the journey may not be started.

It is forbidden to use car washing facilities with our vehicles. If the renter wants to clean the vehicle during the rental period, only hand washing is allowed. In case of open cars, it is necessary to make sure that the interior remains dry. Final cleaning after return is included in the rental price. Unusual soiling such as stains from food, drinks etc. will be charged separately at cost.

Driving our vehicles in snow, ice, sleet or salt on the roads is not permitted, as we use summer tyres, and in in winter road conditions there is no insurance coverage . If this rule is violated and salt is found on the vehicle, the customer will be charged the cleaning costs at cost, but at least CHF 1000 (one thousand). If in doubt, check with us before the start of the rental. If a trip can not be started because of winter road conditions, then the customer will receive a refund or a voucher for 100% of the rental amount. If a membership exists, the amount can be credited to the member account. 

For hygienic reasons, animals are not allowed in Rent a Classic vehicles. In the event of non-compliance, cleaning will be arranged and charged to the customer in addition of a 100.- fee.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all vehicles. In the event of violations, interior treatment must be carried out. In this case, the customer will be charged the costs, but at least a fee of CHF 200.-, and any loss of rental income for subsequent customers.

 All possible exceptions to these usage regulations require the approval of the Rent a Classic management. 

13.2     Use of the vehicle is permitted in the following countries: 

  • Switzerland (A valid Swiss motorway tax sticker is provided with all our vehicles).

  • Attention: Due to EU legislation, the option "Crossing the border abroad" must be booked in addition for border crossings abroad, otherwise no insurance cover exists. In addition, fees and costs may be incurred (fines, immobilisation of the vehicle, official orders, loss of rental income with Rent a Classic, etc.), which are to be borne in full by the renter causing the damage.

  • Applies to: Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg - all other countries must be requested individually with Rent a Classic

  • The renter is responsible for compliance with any driving bans abroad (for example, major German cities with environmental zones).
  • Drivers residing outside Switzerland must clarify the use abroad - there are restrictions imposed by the customs authorities of the various countries.

14     Liability of the renter 

  • The hirer is not liable for defects which occur during normal use.
  • The hirer is liable for all damage caused by him/her (in particular tyre and glass damage), which Rent a Classic incurs as a result of actions by the hirer or his/her assistants which are unlawful, contrary to the contract or careless.
  • In addition, the hirer is liable in particular for all defects or damage to the rented property for which he/she is responsible. This includes in particular, but not exclusively, damage caused
    • by refuelling with the wrong fuel, non-observance of the maximum heights for garage entrances, subways, etc.
    • by careless handling of the vehicle interior (especially cigarette holes, tears and stains on upholstery and carpets)
    • in the event of unauthorised affixing of stickers, signs, decorations, floral arrangements and the like
    • driving off the road and generally careless handling (in particular damage to the underbody such as steering, gearbox, suspension, suspension damage as well as damage to axle parts, sill, oil sump, pipes, exhaust system, shielding plates and covers)
    • incorrect manipulation of vehicles (mechanical damage to clutch, gearbox, suspension, etc., incorrect handling of convertible tops (in particular failure to close the top in rain, wind, etc.).
  • The scope of liability includes the repair costs or the vehicle replacement value in the event of total loss as well as further damage, such as towing costs, costs of an expert opinion, reduction in value of the rental object, loss of rental income, lawyer's fees, administration fees.
  • Should fines or penalties be incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle, which are reported to Rent a Classic, the hirer is liable. The personal data will be reported to the authorities responsible and the hirer will be charged a processing fee of CHF 50.-. If, in addition to the reporting of personal data, further investigations are necessary, an hourly rate of CHF 160.00 will be charged. Fines and penalties incurred due to the fault of Rent a Classic are excluded.
  • In the event of offences against the Road Traffic Act in Switzerland and abroad, the renter authorises Rent a Classic to hand over the contract data to all official authorities (police, bar associations, road traffic offices, etc.) in Switzerland and abroad.
  • If cover is agreed in accordance with the principles of comprehensive cover, the extent of the Hirer's liability is reduced to the excess agreed in the rental contract. The exemption from liability does not apply to damage caused when the vehicle is used by an unauthorised driver or for a prohibited purpose, in the event of a hit-and-run accident by the hirer and in the event of wilful or grossly negligent causation of damage in accordance with the SVG, in particular as a result of overtiredness, alcohol- or drug-induced impaired driving and damage caused by the load.
  • Any exemption from liability of the hirer by the lessor is only valid if it is made in writing. 
  • If the hirer is invoiced for cleaning, refuelling or damage for which he is liable or for which he is responsible, this must be paid on receipt. Invoices that have not been paid will be reminded by registered letter, the reminder fee is CHF 50.-

15     Liability of Rent a Classic 

  • Rent a Classic is liable for damage to the renter caused by a defect in the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of Art. 259a and 259e of the Swiss Code of Obligations, insofar as liability is not regulated otherwise by an individual agreement.
  • In all other respects, all contractual and non-contractual liability on the part of Rent a Classic towards the hirer and any other persons entitled under the contract is excluded, insofar as Rent a Classic has not caused the damage intentionally or wilfully.
  • Rent a Classic is not liable for damage caused by its auxiliary persons.
  • Rent a Classic is not liable for expenses or breakdowns resulting from a breakdown, accident, defect or damage to the vehicle.

16     Amendments to the contract 

Additions and amendments to this contract must be made in writing in order to be valid. 

16.1     Changes to the vehicle fleet and conditions 

The vehicle fleet is subject to change at any time. We will try to take existing bookings into account as far as possible.

 The rental conditions can be adjusted by Rent a Classic at any time. 

17     Final provisions 

In the interest of honest and responsible customers, Rent a Classic reserves the right to terminate customer relationships with customers or companies without giving reasons. This also applies in the event of non-compliance with the general terms and conditions, after a serious offence or after a claim.

 Rent a Classic is entitled to unilaterally amend these GTC, as well as the rates and fees, and all other generally applicable provisions of Rent a Classic at any time. The current and binding version of the GTC and all other generally applicable provisions of Rent a Classic will be published at rentaclassic.swiss. 

18     Applicable law/place of jurisdiction 

This contract is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Frauenfeld 

19     Data protection clause 

All Rent-a-Classic vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system. On the one hand, this is to protect against theft, but on the other hand, data such as position, speed and, if applicable, vehicle conditions are transmitted to Rent-a-Classic and temporarily stored. This data is only used in the event of theft or damage.

Customer data is used exclusively for and by Rent-a-Classic and is not made available to third parties. With the booking, the customer automatically registers with our newsletter address list. The newsletter can be cancelled free of charge at any time using the "unsubscribe" link. If the customer does not unsubscribe and wishes to continue receiving our newsletter, only his or her e-mail address will continue to be stored even after membership has ended. 

20     Salvatory clause 

Should a provision of this contract or the contents of an enclosure integrated into this contract be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the rest of the contract. The contracting parties shall replace the invalid provision by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision as well as to the originally agreed contractual balance. The same shall also apply to any loopholes in the contract. 

Kemptthal, 4. April 2022