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MG B GT "Gordon"

Rover 3500


Rover 3500 "Ronald"

Lotus Elise


Lotus Elise "Moneypenny"

Cadillac DeVille

"Black Betty"

Cadillac DeVille "Black Betty"
Cadillac DeVille "Black Betty"

Mini Special


Mini Special "Otto"

Caterham Super 7


Caterham Super 7 "Colin"

Ford Model A


Ford Model A "Henry"

Rolls Royce Cloud


Rolls Royce Cloud "Edward"

Jaguar E Type


Jaguar E Type "Clyde"

Morgan Plus 4


Morgan Plus 4 "George"

London Taxi


London Taxi "Hugo"

Citroën 11B Legère


Citroën 11B Legère  "Jacques"

Jaguar XJ 6


Jaguar XJ 6 "Brownie"

VW Käfer


VW Käfer "Ferdie"

Rolls Royce Shadow


Rolls Royce Shadow "James"

Citroën DS


Citroën DS "Madelaine"



TVR S3 V8 "Peter"

Morgan Threewheeler


Morgan Threewheeler "Philip"

AC Cobra


AC Cobra "Bonnie"

Triumph TR 6


Triumph TR 6 "Gina"

Ford Mustang


Ford Mustang "Sally"

Audi Quattro


Audi Quattro "Walter"

Citroën Méhari


Citroën Méhari "Serge"

Volvo 123 GT Rallye


Volvo 123 GT Rallye "Hägar"

Citroen 2CV


Citroen 2CV "Sophie"

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Customers say...

What a great driving experience! The car looks fantastic and is very pleasant to drive. The driving is a bit brute, with loud engine, direct steering and braking (nothing with servo) and huge turning circle. Starting and shifting are a challenge, but once you've mastered those, you're cruising the streets like a king.
Only that the side mirrors constantly fold down while driving is a bit exhausting, but here I would certainly find the screw next time which one must tighten.
Answer RaC: Thank you for the detailed report - the side mirror we will teach manners, merci for the message!


Fantastic vehicle in 1A condition, uncomplicated and friendly handling.


Very nice car that put a big smile on our faces. Great service on collection and the Cadie is in perfect condition. :)

S. Müller

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