Martin Rudolf

Registration: 08.1979

Education: BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Profession: CEO, Mechanic and Apprentice at MADmotors GmbH

Stefan Müller

Registration: 12.1974

Education: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Automotive Engineering

Profession: Co-CEO at Müller Frauenfeld AG

Daniel Koch

Registration: July 1969 - Iggy Pop hat dem Jahr einen Song gewidmet, und es war der Summer of Love!

Education: too much to list

Profession: Editor (Freelancer) for anything that is related to Classic Cars, as well as Moneypenny at MADmotors

Why Rent a Classic?

Stefan and Martin already had the urge to move old iron during their studies. The constant expansion of their own vehicle fleet was at the expense of the obligatory lecture hours at the Technikum Winterthur. With Daniel, the virus must somehow run in the family.

After several years of apprenticeship and travel in various disciplines of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and the digital world, all three have now settled down - at home and at work.

They thought that this was just the right time to try something new and decided to share their passion with others? With a strong and competent maintenance partner in the form of MADMotors in the background, it was the perfect combination to offer quality and well-maintained vehicles to individuals that have an interest in such classics, without paying the overheads that go along with owning one.

Rent a Classic - THE Swiss Classic Car Rental System


With Daniel Koch, Martin Rudolf and Stefan Müller


  • Daniel Koch
  • Martin Rudolf
  • Stefan Müller