“Hägar“ our Volvo 123GT on a secret test drive

“Hägar“ our Volvo 123GT on a secret test drive

Rent a Classic is preparing a Volvo 123GT for historic rallying

There are more and more rallies for historic vehicles in Switzerland - or should we say even in Switzerland. Whether it's the Winter Raid or the Jungfrau Rallye, anyone who wants to participate needs a suitable historic vehicle. And anyone who doesn't have one can rent one from Rent a Classic from 2019. We are currently converting a Volvo 123GT into a historic rally car. Of course with bucket seats, 6 point harness, map reading lights, roll bar, stopwatch and Tripmaster. After an extensive test at this year's LeJog - the wildest historic rally in Europe or, well, England - "Hägar" is available for rent for historic rallies.

The picture shows "Hägar", the Volvo 123GT on a nightly test drive. Meanwhile it has MOT blessing with registered 145 horses - the Madmotors guys did a grat job there.

Now the rally goodies are going to be installed and then we will add more photos.