Your Advantages

All our rental vehicles are WITHOUT mileage restriction.
All vehicles are for self-drive. We do not offer a chauffeur service.
The rental vehicle can be picked up the day before from 16:00 and must be returned by 7:30 the following day at the latest - unless the option "later return" has been booked, in which case the rental vehicle can be returned until 10:00 the following day. The return can of course also be made earlier and outside our opening hours. 

Pick-up with "personal introduction": during our business hours Monday-Friday 07:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:30

Collection without "personal introduction": possible 7x24h (key safe/PIN code)

The minimum duration of a rental is 1 day. We do not offer hourly or half-day rentals.

Emergency Contacts

Rent a Classic +41 52 521 17 19 (for emergencies only)

TCS (roadside assistance) within Switzerland +41 800 808 114 
From outside Switzerland +41 58 827 63 16

Details of TCS Membership can be found in the leather bag in the car.

Chauffeur service

Rent a Classic does NOT offer a chauffeur service. Our vehicles are designed to be driven by you. In our experience there is someone in every company who would like to drive a classic car.

Minimum Age

The minimum age for renting and driving a vehicle from Rent a Classic is 18 years. Drivers under 25 years of age have to pay an insurance premium of max. CHF 25.-/day and they have to book private chargeable introduction

Found a Fault?

Visible defects, blemishes and faults such as scratched paintwork, have to be reported before setting off, or as soon as detected via email, accompanied with a picture to schaden@rentaclassic.swiss

If a warning light comes on

If you see any warning light, please stop and call us on +41 52 318 10 36. We will advise on how to proceed.

Payment Options

You can book our Rent a Classic cars using your credit card.


We have parking space for all our customers on the premises of MADMotors GmbH but as the total amount of space is limited we require that you follow these simple rules:

  • Please park your car on the spot your Rent a Classic car was parked for you.
  • Make sure you do not obstruct others
  • Put the key of your private car into the key box using the keycode supplied for your Rent a Classic car keys. This allows us to change the parking position of your private car should the need arise.

Thank you for complying with these rules.

  • Address for collection and return (sat nav): Kemptpark 3/5, 8310 Kemptthal
  • Address office: Kemptpark 20, 8310 Kemptthal

Permitted Countries and Restrictions

You can use your Rent a Classic car without limitations in the following countries:

  • Switzerland

  • Attention: Due to EU legislation, the option "Crossing the border abroad" must be booked in addition for border crossings abroad, otherwise no insurance cover exists. In addition, fees and costs may be incurred (fines, immobilisation of the vehicle, official orders, loss of rental income with Rent a Classic, etc.), which are to be borne in full by the renter causing the damage.

  • Applies to: Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg - all other countries must be requested individually with Rent a Classic.
    Drivers residing outside Switzerland must clarify the use abroad - there are restrictions imposed by the customs authorities of the various countries.

Cancellation and change of reservation

Cancellations made up to 14 days before the start of the rental period will be charged CHF 100. After that 50% of your order value is kept as a cancellation fee. If you fail to collect your Rent a Classic reservation without notice of cancellation beforehand, you are bound to pay the rental amount in full.

Change of reservations will be charged with CHF 50.- as far as possible until 2 days before the beginning of the rental period, as long as the total rental costs do not decrease.

Green Diamond members are entitled to 2 cancellations of reservations a year free of charge before the pick-up date.

You must cancel or advise of changes to the reservation via email to info@rentaclassic.swiss  we will deal with your enquiry within 24 hours. Reduction to the amount of rent paid - eq. by changing to a cheaper car - is treated in the same way as cancellations.

In case of Breakdowns, Accidents and other Incidents

For events such as accident, theft, loss, fire, wildlife or other damage, the renter must immediately inform the police and have a police report issued, "Europäsche Unfallprotokoll". This also applies to self-inflicted accidents without the participation of third parties. Opposition claims may not be recognized. In the event of theft, loss or misappropriation of the vehicle, Rent a Classic is always to be contacted in addition to the police. The renter must, without delay, make a detailed written report, including a sketch, for all the events mentioned, even if minor damages occur. In the event of an accident, the report must in particular contain the full name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. For this, the European accident report "Europäsche Unfallprotokoll", which is located in every vehicle folder, must be used. In the event of theft, the vehicle keys, a report of the theft and the police report must be submitted to Rent a Classic within 24 hours. The renter has to grant Rent a Classic full access to all documentation involved.
All vehicles are insured with a breakdown service. In the event of a breakdown, please contact us directly during our opening hours, otherwise contact the Touring Club Switzerland TCS. The TCS documents can be found in the brown leather folder inside the vehicle. 
Rent a Classic is not liable for any expenses or losses resulting from a breakdown, accident, defect or damage to the vehicle.

Condition of our vehicles

All our vehicles are regularly serviced by MADmotors in Kemptthal. For our customers we keep the vehicles in technically perfect condition.

They all have a natural patina, there are no over-restored Concours vehicles to which no dust particles may adhere. Our vehicles want to make experiences possible, not to stand around in the museum.

For the sake of completeness we would like to draw your attention to some minor details.

Some of our vehicles do not have a car radio, or only long and medium waves can be received. Maybe a car radio is installed, but not working. It doesn't matter, we think, on the contrary: Enjoy the vehicle without distraction. If you still want musical entertainment, just sing out loud.

If a clock is installed, but it doesn't work: enjoy it. You are now sitting in your dream vintage car, and time doesn't matter.

Some vehicles were once delivered with "air conditioning", which may now no longer work and has not been repaired. However, if "air conditioning" is mentioned on the vehicle page, then it does work! 

Restricted Use

You are not allowed to:

  • participate in motorsport events, vehicle tests and driving schools
  • use the vehicle for professional hire
  • tow another vehicle
  • overload the vehicle: person wise- or weight wise
  • transport dangerous goods
  • use the vehicle for bootlegging or smuggling
  • sublet the vehicle
  • use the vehicle for driver trainings

For hygienic reasons you are not allowed to carry pets in Rent a Classic vehicles. We charge a fee of CHF 100.- plus the costs to clean the car if you do not comply with this rule.

All our Rent a Classic cars are Non Smoking!

Exceptions to the above rules require specific written approval through Rent a Classic.