Wedding Car

Are you looking for a vintage car, a classic or a luxurious limousine as a wedding car? Then you've come to the right place! Majestic with a Rolls Royce, elegant with the Citro√ęn DS, classic with the gangster limousine or opulent with the Cadillac? If the wedding attire is not too big, you can also drive sportily down the aisle in a Lotus, Caterham or Morgan. The choice is yours, let the most beautiful day of your life be accompanied by a dream car!

Choose the classic car that suits the bridal couple and the celebration from over 20 vehicles. All our vehicles are offered with unlimited miles. Optionally, you can order a bouquet of flowers that can be securely attached to the bonnet with a suction cup or attached to the number plate in front of the radiator on some vehicles. More than one driver can be registered for the pick-up, main drive and return, but we do not offer a chauffeur service. Our classic cars are all for self-driving and enjoyment!

  • Bouquet of flowers on car
  • Black vintage car with a white bouquet of flowers
  •  Black vintage car with floral decorations
  • Newly married women in front of decorated classic cars
  • Pink bouquet of flowers on a white vintage car
  •  Bouquet of flowers on white classic car
  • Wedding couple in front of black vintage car
  •  Just married couple with vintage car
  • Wedding couple sitting in front of black vintage car
  • Wedding couple in front of black vintage car
  •  White-pink bouquet of flowers on the car seat
  • White vintage car decorated with white and pink flowers